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I have added a sub blog of just lejog arranged from day one to finnish as a book would read, just click on the backpack image in the side bar.

The reader contains more photo’s and commentary so is quite a large file (slow initial download).

Obviously blogs are arranged with recent posts at the top, now the task is over reversing this arrangement seems easier on the eye.


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Thank’s for the comments folks, i will get life back to some kind of normality and over the next few days will intergrate photo’s and update (correct typo’s ect) in posts from haltwhistle to john o groats, reply to comments, and await suggestions of what to do next (routes on a postage stamp sounds good).

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Dunnet head

Fun day in pleasant weather (short shower around 5pm).

I took an early bus to Thurso and walked back to castletown on the road then enjoyed another long beach, then minor roads to dunnet head (didn’t see any puffins).

Nice residence on outskirts of Thurso.

Dunnet lighthouse (The most northerly point of the mainland on my map, (though some say cape wrath is the most northerly point).

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Overcast with large blue holes, some sun and light wind.
Lazy start at campsite brewing coffee then wander into town for the breakfast, walk out of town.

Following Andy and Alfie out of town (Wick). for the last leg.

Past the airport and turn right to the coast, what a brilliant move, the beach includes approximately four miles of sand, searching along the rocky parts Andy found a superb sea urchin and i had a close encounter with a cormorant (youngster appeared stuck amongst rocks so carrying to the sea did the trick as it happily swam of).



The beach really was great, i hadn’t expected this on the last day, there are some concrete defences left from the war, left the coast at Keiss and found the local for a pot of tea, back on the road the undulating farmland continued in it’s picturesqe manner, the next surprise for me was that when land to the north showed a watery edge (the sea) with shipping passing by, just how close the islands (Orkney’s) were, some how i had imagined they would be specks on the horizon.



Eventually John O Groat’s came into view and the final downhill to the finnish post completed for a photo and wonder “What next” Whilst drinking tea in a nearby hotel,
Chris the lejoger with impaired vision came in (having finished an hour earlier) and i sure was glad to shake his hand, feeling his achievement put my lejog in perspective.
Booked into a hostel for a couple of nights to explore the northern shore (just might see some puffins).

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The last signpost

Houston the tortoise has landed.

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Dunbeath to Wick

Overcast still a cool headwind.
Early start (6 am) to avoid the famed traffic which though a few were in a monday rush was actualy no problem as very light in number on the A9 and wen i turned onto the A99 reduced even more.
The day had started with curlews warbling over the camp site which as something i wouldn,t here at home i dont tire of, also think i saw a pair of linnets and possibly some type of orchid (check when home) along with the regular wildlife.
For a couple of days oil rigs have been visible in the north sea , in the early gloom today the flare stack was clear to see on one.

A couple of miles out of Dunbeath is a house whose end to the road contains a large ivy clipped to the shape of a heart.


Though having brewed at dawn the advice of a postman of where to find pastie and coffe in Lybster was most welcome and accurate, the suprise as i turned into the little town was meeting Andy and Alfie comming out, we agreed that our paths may cross later which they did at Thrumster.
Todays walking involved Contiuous gentle rolling hills through mixed farmland to Wick which is also suprisingly quiet, so pitched in the towns campsite which affords some shelter from what has become an eternal north easterly breeze.

With another 21 miles behind me a good day.

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Helmesdale to Dunbeath

Overcast, drizzle/showers getting heavier then clearing afternoon.

Old bridge in Helmesdale with memorial on hill in background.

Great hostel, soon away on route, mid morning was the famed climb out of Berriedale which though steep i thought was much shorter than the climb out of Helmesdale so actually less taxing (they were both fine), notice how this area has place names ending with ‘dale’.


Quiet A9.

Wildlife included lapwings, cuckoo,s curlews and still plenty of oyster catchers.
Camped just north of Dunbeath, met Chris (lejoger) in the pub where i was having the pot of tea, originaly i had planned to go through Watten but now thinking i like Andys idea of going to north east corner and aproaching John O Groats from the east via Duncansby head is good.

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